Top 4 Things Wine is Often Wrongly Associated With



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As with any alcoholic beverage, wine is an acquired taste. Unlike other hard drinks, however, it has become a lot more accessible to the masses. Or at least the public simply took to it. Wine has had a long history, and the subject has since evolved into something bigger than whatever the first wine producer ever thought of. These days, we have wine tastings, enthusiasts, hipsters, and a lot of other stereotypes. It confuses newbie wine enthusiasts, and to draw the line, let’s list a few things that wine is associated with falsely.

The French, Italians, and Spanish

France, Italy, and Spain are three of the biggest wine producers in the world. France is well-known for using wine for cooking. Italians are stereotyped to hold a glass of wine in one hand and a baguette in the other. Spain is well-known for their vineyards. While these three makes the wine-world go round these days, the actual origins of wine can be traced to unexpected countries such as Iran. It is believed that before the Greeks and Romans were getting drunk on wine, the Iranians were bathing in them.

The Wealthy

In the medieval times, wine was often consumed by the nobles while commoners would prefer ale. This is partly due to the fact that some areas are just not good places for grapes. At any rate, this wine-nobles/ale-peasant sort of mentality carried over today. You see someone drinking wine and you automatically think “hey, he/she can afford it.” In reality, there are very cheap wines that don’t taste that bad. Check out the Sauvignon Blanc in Winemarket for proof that good wine can actually come cheap.

The Healthy

There are a lot of health benefits to drinking wine. Those who are trying to lose weight often substitute wine to make up for the lack of Mountain Dew in their diet. However, the rule of “too much of a good thing is a bad thing” applies to wine as well. Yes, wine is healthy, but so is beer in moderate amounts. Besides, drinking too much wine ends the same way with drinking too much beer: you get drunk.

The Classy

A guy walks up to your wine bar. He has a neck beard and long locks complemented by his huge muscular stature. Instead of dressing up for the occasion, he looks like a metalhead who would rather get wasted on copious amounts of beer but finds himself in a wine bar. You start looking for a beer bottle as he approaches, then he orders a sweet wine. I’m not saying metalheads aren’t classy; just that wines aren’t consumed for the purposes of feeling classy.

The whole point of this post is this: stereotypes are bad, mmkay? Anyone can enjoy wine the same way anyone can enjoy a cup of coffee.

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10 Things to Love about Red Wine



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Throughout civilizations, the quest for that one thing that could salvage men from death yearns to be discovered. As civilization emerged and developed the must for this one cure against ageing remains to be a prized possession we all want to acquire.


Meanwhile, as the quest for this elixir continues, man discovered science. It has progressed through the years and has provided men with options and solutions for the problems we face in our daily lives. Even without the elixir of eternal youth, science managed to discover other things that could provide a temporary solution. There are a lot of medical breakthroughs and discoveries claiming to have found the substitute for the fountain of youth. Even medical procedures where developed to keep us looking and feeling young.


And then there was red wine. Like the fountain of youth, it has its fair share of deep and flourishing history. It is a part of civilization, of our society. Now it is a lifestyle.


A lot of people say that this wine is the closest man can get as a substitute for the fountain of youth. Or is it the fountain of youth?


Besides the promise of a longer life, here are ten of the things you would love about red wine.


1. Stress Buster

We can never deny the relaxing feeling we get after drinking a glass or two of wine. It has a calming effect on our nerves. It is really advisable to drink a glass of it at the end of our day while we ponder about the things that happened throughout the day. Whether the day was bad or good, a glass of this favorite drink will surely end any day right.

2. Lowers Cholesterol Levels

Several studies prove that a glass or two of wine everyday decreases 9% of the bad cholesterol we have in the body. For people with higher cholesterol levels, the decrease can go up t0 12%. Thanks to the high fiber content present in wine, we could always keep our cholesterol levels in check.

3. Protects the heart

A low cholesterol level is favorable to the heart. Polyphenol, a compound present in wine, an antioxidant, helps in keeping the blood vessels in the heart flexible, thus reducing the possibilities of possible blood clotting in the heart. Wine drinkers will less likely experience a stroke compared to those who do not drink it.

4. It controls blood sugar levels

Thirty percent of wine drinkers will less likely acquire type 2 diabetes according to study. Resveratrol, a compound present in wine helps control blood sugar levels.

5. Boost Brain functions

Besides being one of the most powerful antioxidant there is, resveratrol also helps in boosting the functions of the brain. It helps in enhancing and maintaining the healthy state of our mind. It helps in improving our memory as well.

6. Wine prevents colds

Colds are the worst of all ailments. They may seem to be a simple illness but it can really take a toll in our daily activities. The anti-oxidants present in wine also help in preventing colds. It contains probiotics that makes us stronger.

7. Stops Cancer

Do you know that stress is one of the reasons why people get sick? Stress can really do a lot of damage to our body and can even lead to cancer. With a regular dose of wine in the body, we reduce our stress levels.

8. Promotes weight loss

Wine can also help us get slim. As our cholesterol level decrease, our weight goes down in the process. It has high fiber content making metabolic process in our body improve.

9. It makes us feel better about ourselves

We often see people drink wine whenever they feel bad or depressed. There is a scientific explanation behind this. When we are depressed or when we feel low, we unconsciously do things that would help us cool down and relax; we do things to alleviate the pain. Drinking wine helps in improving our emotions. It makes us feel better in the process.

10. It adds up jazz and class during dinner

Wine is symbols for celebration. What is the best way to end and celebrate the day but with a bottle of wine over a sumptuous dinner. The feeling of drinking wine makes us feel grand and regal.


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