4 Cabernet Sauvignon Below 10 Dollars You Should Try in 2014


Photo Credit: bigbirdz (Flickr.com)

For this post, I’m going to share my Cabernet Sauvignon recommendations that will make you covet more of this wine. Being referred to as the colonizer of the vineyards by many wine experts, it’s easy to assume that this wine does not come cheap. However, while Cabernet Sauv vintages seem to dominate many “Most Expensive Wines” list, there are actually bottles you can find for not more than ten dollars! You read that right. The same is actually true with other types and vintages of wine; it’s not impossible to find a good bottle that costs ten dollars or less if you know where to look. You won’t have to look elsewhere, though, because I’m bringing you now 4 really good Cabernet Sauvignon below ten dollars. Here’s my list:


Nope, you can’t expect to get an award-winning wine in the Salisbury Cabernet Sauvignon 2012, but the fullness of flavour this cab can offer will make you more than a winner. It’s made by a great producer who sources from the Murray Darling region, one of the best wine engine rooms in Australia, which explains why it’s both easy to drink and easy on the budget. With its excellent drinkability and soft, luscious finish, it will surely make you beg for more.


What is a cleanskin, you ask? Well, it’s a term given to wine without the name of the winery or the winemaker indicated on the bottle label. And since there aren’t any name to promote, the price is typically low for cleanskin wines. If you’re a bargain hunter who believes there’s really not much difference between cheap and expensive wine except for the price, then the Cleanskin James Oatley Tic Tok Cab 2009 is a perfect choice for you. It’s low priced, but it does in no way taste cheap. It may even taste as good as, or even better, than many expensive wines you know of.


There are reds that are fit for impressing your boss, and then there are reds that are perfect for everyday household drinking. The Lyrup Wine Company Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 falls to the second category. It’s one hundred percent cabernet sauvignon, but it’s price will make you think that it isn’t. Hints of cedary oak, blackcurrant, and tannins – they are all there. The only difference is you can get them from this cab without having to spend more than ten dollars. Another perfect reason to drink it? It’s made by Lyrup, established in 1913 and is one of Australia’s legendary wineries.


Need I say more? It’s from Penfolds, winner of last year’s Wine Enthusiast Magazine “New World Winery of the Year” award!

The regular price for each of these wines is usually ten dollars or more, but then again, the key here is to know where to look. I already gave you my list. Let it guide you to the king of the red wine grapes.



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