Serving Red Wine


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Red wine is one of the oldest, most popular, and best-tasting wines in the world. Consumed regularly in the right quantity, it is beneficial to health. But how much is really enough? Is there really a proper way to serve red wine for one to be able to savor its taste and enjoy its benefits? Please read on while we try to unravel the secrets of serving red wine.

The Healthy Serving Quantity

I don’t know who set it, but the standard quantity for serving wine is five ounces. For a regular red wine, this translates to 127 calories. According to recent study, the shape, size, and position of your wineglass have a big influence on the how much wine you pour into it. The study further said that the use of a wide glass accounts for 12 percent more wine than using a standard one. The same study says that another 12 percent is added to the glass if you hold the glass while pouring rather than have it placed on the table.

That being said, if you drink every night with a large glass, you will be drinking 12 percent more of what’s required by your body. When these extras accumulate, they can possibly take a toll on your health. Those extra calories have the likelihood of increasing your risk to certain diseases.


Red wines are quite known to accumulate sediments while they are in the bottle. To avoid drinking the sediments, some wine makers recommend decanting. Decanting refers to the gradual pouring of the wine from one container to another minus the sediment. The receiving container is usually made of glass with a wide bottom. It should be able to provide plenty of airspace to allow the wine to interact with oxygen. This helps the wine to develop its flavor and emit its aroma. Decanting is a nice way of enhancing the wine and getting rid of the sediment before it is served.

Additional Notes:

The ideal temperature for serving red wine is between 60 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit. When drinking red wine, you should prefer a narrow wine glass. Always pour the wine with the glass on the table and not in your hand. When pouring to traditional red wine glasses, you should stop when the wine reaches the widest part of the glass. This should give you about four or five ounces of red wine. Always remember that a 750-bottle red wine should last five nights. It consists of five servings of four to five ounces.

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