Taking Pictures of Your Food – Is It Okay?


Photo Credit: Shannon Prickett (Flickr.com)

I believe people taking pictures of their food before devouring them is a strange phenomenon. Nevertheless, I don’t totally think it’s a bad thing, especially if you’re a foodie like me who probably uses the pictures as part of a food blog or any kind of documentary.

If you’re talking about taking pictures of food for the sake of, well, simply taking pictures, I don’t think it’s a sensible thing to do. For one, the resulting photos will probably be just codswallop anyway. It’s also not a good idea to waste several seconds (or minutes) trying to come up with the best shot because by the moment you’re done, your food had already turn cold.


Again, I’m not totally against the practice, especially since I also do it. However, I do it only on these conditions:


1.)I take the photos and post them online, but only for really close friends or relatives to see – and only for some really, really, really good reason.


2.)I post the photos online in public view, but only if it’s going to be part of some sensible article I’m going to create for my food blog.


I believe it is only on these strict conditions anybody should take pictures of their food, especially when they’re eating at a public restaurant. If you’re going to take pictures of your food and plan to post it online only so that people will know you’re eating at some expensive diner, forget it, because nobody would really care and you will only make a fool of yourself. Believe me.




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