A One of a Kind Gastronomic Experience



Photo credit: Jana Reifegerste (Flickr.com)

Good food and wine always go well with each other. Get a taste of the good life and be present in a once in a lifetime gastronomic experience on the Good Food and Wine Show on June 27 – 29, 2014 at Sydney.

Being in the food business is one of the most challenging, not to mention exciting experience there is. Be exposed to new and advance cooking techniques. Get the chance to taste new and unique cuisines while enjoying your time with fellow food and wine enthusiasts.

Meet ordinary people, chef, bloggers, housewives and simply people who enjoys the same thing as you do, food and dining. Have a taste of the latest food and wine combination prepared for you by your favorite chef and celebrities.

You can also take part in the live demos, fun games and activities in this three day event. Make the most out of this experience by taking part on the programs they have prepared for you and other food lovers out there.

Grab a friend, pen, papers and your good old trusted camera to take videos and snaps of celebrity chefs, bloggers as well as the food preparation techniques and demos prepared for the event. Discover more about food and wine by attending this event.





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