More Fun Facts About Wine


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In case you weren’t able to get enough of my first post on fun facts about wine, here’s round two and hopefully, you’ll find this next batch just as interesting, if not more interesting than the first:

  • Ancient Egyptian kings avoided wine because of its resemblance to blood. They believed that it was the blood of those who battled the gods and lost and that it was the reason why drinking wine temporarily drove people out of their senses and made them a little crazy.

  • You can open a bottle of wine with your shoe.

Wine Spa Pool-Interesting Facts About WineIn Japan there is a spa where you can swim in tea, coffee, and wine and it’s called the Yunessun Spa Resort. You have a choice of dipping into the Japanese Sake Spa, the Green Tea Spa, The Coffee Spa and the Wine Spa, which is filled with red wine to rejuvenate your body.

  • The oldest preserved bottle of wine is nearly 1700 years old and it is on display in a German museum. The bottle dates from approximately 325 A.D. and was found in 1867 and is on display at the Historisches Museum der Pfalz (History Museum of the Pfalz), worth a visit if traveling near the area of Speyer, Germany.

There is an alcoholic drink called seagull wine. That is made purely by stuffing a whole seagull into a bottle of water and leaving it in the sun to ferment.

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