5 Wine Blogs That Have Inspired Me to Start FOODZILLA Blog


Photo Credit: Mike Licht (Flickr.com)

I may be blogging about wine and may seem to be an expert on the subject I write about, but before I was a blogger, I was a fan and a reader first. I still am a reader and will always be, and in this post, I’m going to share with you some of the top wine blogs I frequented before I started FOODZILLA Blog last month. Website design, homepage photos, and overall look and feel – all these are important factors, but what made these blogs stand out for me is the personal touch the authors have on every page. Elizabeth Smith of travelingwinechick.com, for instance, shares on her blog her own travel experiences, wine and winery recommendations, and even reviews on random books she recommends. Jaime Goode of wineanorack.com, on the other hand, shares his wine expertise through articles that showcase his talent as a prolific journalist and writer.

Without further ado, I present to you my top 5 wine blogs:

  1. Travelling Wine Chick (Travelingwinechick.com)
  2. Jaime goode’s wine blog (Wineanorak.com)
  3. 1 Wine Dude (1winedude.com)
  4. Natalie MacLean (Nataliemaclean.com)
  5. Wine Travel Media (Winetravelmedia.com)

Whether I was after information on cheap or expensive wines, updates on the latest wine events, or just about anything that has to do with wine, these are the top 5 blogs I went to and still go to from time to time. This short list is not permanent, and I might eventually add to it and make it longer (or even remove and replace some items) depending on what I believe would be a list that would stay relevant and beneficial both to me and you, my readers. Enjoy!


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