The Sydney Royal Wine Experience


Wine tasting rarely has a competitive nature to it. It also rarely gathers multiple award-winning wines available for tickling countless people’s taste buds. If you want to sample almost a thousand of the best wines in Australia, then you will want to be in Sydney on March 1st.

The Sydney Royal Wine Experience will be held at Sydney Showground. The doors open at 2pm and lasts until 6pm. The venue will have up to one thousand wines to choose from. You can enjoy these with friends or with your significant others. You can even go alone so you’ll be more familiar with the best wines and know which ones to keep an eye on for future potential purchases.

This is not your usual wine-tasting event. The Royal Agricultural Society of New South Wales, which also holds other agricultural events such as the Fine Food and Cheese Show, will have you partake in various gourmet products that will be served by friendly chefs.

The food will not be your usual food either. You will be served award-winning products as well, which will go hand in hand with award-winning wines you will be sampling. Book your tickets and you’ll also be educated on how the glass you use can alter your perception to the taste of the wine in it.


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