Online Wine Buying Dos and Don’ts


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Australia is one of the greats when it comes to wine making and selling, being a key industry player in the world producing and exporting a significant volume annually. Being so, you can expect a broad range of wine types you can choose from Down Under, allowing you to enjoy a solid selection of the must-have drink for practically any occasion.

Thanks to modern technology, you need not physically visit shops everywhere to buy a bottle or an entire case of wines.  Finding the best wine for you is easier this time around, as you can simply find the best wines online and even enjoy discounts and extra perks without having to leave the comfort of your couch.

As with finding any great buy, however, there are basic rules you need to know in order to make the best selection of wine for your specific need or event. Needless to say, not all wine shops are created equal, prompting you to exercise prudence when it comes to dealing with online wine sellers.

First off, explore the website and see if it sells what you need. Are the vintages exactly what you are searching for? Are the top quality brands sold at the right prices? Treat your website navigation as a window shopping of sorts. See the brands, the vintages, the prices and the services they offer – and find out which ones sell the wines you actually want.

Make sure the online wine dealer you choose adheres to laws governing wine deliveries.  Many buyers tend to ignore the fact that these laws exist in their state or county, and the rules may differ in other places. It is also important that their delivery services, shipping costs, minimum required purchase, and rates apply to your area.

Find out how what other customers say about the wine selling company or website. Be a smart buyer and take a step ahead by checking out forums and testimonials. You’ll be surprised how real customers, happy and unhappy alike, are willing to share their experiences. You can browse online for this or talk to people who know about it.

Annual food and wine events are organized in Australia and in other parts of the world. A way to see if an online wine site is legitimate and trustworthy is their participation in exhibits and expos. If your chosen online wine dealer is an active participant, you’ll know they must have an edge over the others in terms of the bottles they sell and the services they offer.

Scouring the Internet for legitimate and quality wine-selling companies does not promise to be a walk in the park. The task becomes easy, though, when you know what to look for and how to make good judgments.

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