Experience Australia: the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival


The end of February and the first two weeks of March heralds one of Australia’s biggest events: the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival. The festival kicks off at February 28th and will last until March 16th.

Whether you are visiting the country for the first time or are just not from Melbourne, you will want to be in the area during those times.

The food festival will feature over 200 events that will run over the course of a little over two weeks, so there will be plenty of attractions for anyone who loves food, music, a little bit of drinking, and just want to have some fun. For a full Australian experience, this festival is not one to be missed.

Each event will have its own price tag, so be sure to check the event calendar. You’ll want to know what events will happen and when they will happen and then purchase the tickets in advance. If you’re on a tight budget, you’ll want to know which ones you will want to participate in. Here’s a little preview:

Even better, you can participate in the various free events. While these won’t need ticket purchases, make sure you book in advance as some free events can only hold so many people and can still technically sell out.


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