Enjoying Wine by The Glass


Photo Credit: realsimple.com

Believe it or not, to enjoy a glass of wine, you need to use the right wine glasses. It would appear that pouring wine into ordinary glasses just won’t do considering the process the liquid itself went through just to pass muster in taste, body, complexity and balance.

For those who are new to wine drinking, it can be a life-changing experience to actually take their first sip of wine from real stemware rather than plastic cups. OK, so maybe it can be quite an expense to buy wine glasses but if you’re really serious about enjoying wine, you should go through the whole nine yards. After all, nothing worth having is easy to get and that includes enjoying and savoring your favorite wines.

There are only two things to remember when it comes to getting the best wine glasses. First, choose the varietal specific glass of the varietal you enjoy most because from there you can go ahead and build your wine collection. If you love Pinot Noir, then go and buy Pinot Noir glasses. Second, you should remember is to spend approximately the same amount of money per glass as you would spend on a bottle of wine.


To learn more about enjoying a glass of wine, check out this video:

How to Best Enjoy A Glass of Wine (youtube.com)

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