Yarra Valley Grape Grazing Festival (14-16 February 2014)


Photo Credit: stonesoftheyarravalley.com

Enjoy a three-day journey of fun-filled festivities and a discovery of new things – these and more await you at the Grape Grazing Festival to be held in the lush regions of Yarra Valley, only one of Australia’s best wine regions. If you’re a first-time visitor to Australia, there is no better way to get down under than attending festivals like these.

In case you’re worried you don’t have enough to do, see or experience check out the Grape Grazing Weekend Pass which gives you access to over 30 ticketed events held at individual venues all over the festival area. Experience everything from an exhibition of new winemakers matched with the best of local artwork to five-course dinners that promise to be a gustatory delight, what with each course matched with the perfect wine, to a Champagne Garden Party catered by Yarra Valley’s best chefs and restaurants.

Portrait Of Romantic Couple Toasting Red Wine At Dinner Stock Photo - 19399927

Photo Credit: 123rf.com

And in case you think we’ve forgotten it’s Valentine’s Day…choose from a variety of Valentine lunches and dinners you can go to with that special someone…either way, it’s an experience you two won’t soon forget and always remember. Plus, a four-course dinner has never failed to win anybody’s heart, especially your lady love’s so be sure to book for one now.


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